Thousand Miles out is a realistic isometric survival game on a tropical island. Your main goal is not only to survive but to find a way off the island. It will be lauchned soon on Kickstarter.

The battle for survival on a deserted island – In Thousand Miles Out you take on the task to guide the last four survivors from the ship lost in a storm through their daily struggles to survive. You have to select the 4 characters that you will guide. Possible choices are for example a biologist, a mechanic and a deck-hand. Each character has different skills that you should make good use of.

true wilderness survival

In Thousand Miles Out we want to simulate the fight for survival as realistic as possible without losing the fun in the gameplay. If something would not work in a real survival situation, it will also not work in the game. We call it: true wilderness survival. A situation that is merely uncomfortable in the safety of civilization, can be life threatening in the wild. Nature does not show pity and does not forgive mistakes. The battle for survival in Thousand Miles Out feels just like that. Example: If one of the characters gets sick, then he really is sick. It will not only be noticeable by a changed status bar, the character will actually have to rest and recover in bed. And if it is a serious disease, he will have to be looked after by someone.

The dangers of the tropical island

The island plays an important role in Thousand Miles Out. The heat has great influence on the playing style and the tropical storms create many challenges for your characters. The vegetation on the island also influences the playing experience greatly. Close to the beach it is quite manageable, but once your characters have to venture deeper onto the island they will be met by impenetrable jungle that make their travel very difficult. The rain forests are also home to many poisonous animals and plants. And if none of that convinces you yet, at the moment when you have to cross a mangrove swamp inhabited by crocodiles, you will no doubt realize that this tropical island is no paradise.



Anna – Biologist
37 years
Botany, Outdoor
Jack – Full deck-hand
48 years
Combat, Outdoor
Sergej – Ship mechanic
39 years
Craftmansship, Technics
Jiyun – Doctor
58 years


Your tasks in the game:

Ensure their survival

Fullfil the needs of the four characters; they get hungry and thirsty, have to sleep and watch out for overheating. ake sure that they stay healthy and well taken care of or you risk their death.

Explore the island

Use the islands resources to keep your characters alive. But careful: Not every plant is edible, not every path is save to pass, and not every cute looking animal is harmless…

Craft items

Produce useful items with the resources that your characters collect. For example you can use a sharpened wood stake and some bamboo to build an animal trap that helps you with your hunting efforts.

Expand your camp

With natural resources and produced items you can build up your camp and with that make life easier for your characters. With a few palm leaves and sturdy wood posts you can build a shelter that stays dry in the rain.

Put your characters’ skills to their best use

Use your characters’ skills to achieve your goals. For example: don’t use your doctor to build your camp, let the ship mechanic take on that task…

Find a rescue

The overall goal of the game is to find a rescue. Throughout the game you will face many different tasks that bring you closer to a possible rescue. It might help to climb to the top of the mountain at the center of the island and build a fire there. But maybe it is better to try to repair the broken radio system?